Battle Management Release – Beta

A new version is now available on the live server including the battle management handled by the server side.

As long as no players are on a system, and that a battle need to be handled, then the servers handle the battle and calculate it for the players as long as units move into the area then for a maximum of 6 minutes durations.

If no players are connected, then the server stop the calculation and wait for a change (new unit entering the area or new player entering the area)

That major change allow to solve an old bug that was existing into the Mankind game, it was possible to bypass the defenses of the systems by sending an unit to a space area, then wait enough time for that the unit finish the travel, then enter into the system and send the unit immediatly to a planet.

You are welcome to dowload that new version and report issues on discord.

To download the Linux version or Windows version you can follow the Download section

Crew Management – Settlers needed

The new version 3 of Mankind now enable the requirement of Crew for all units.
Until now it was not required to have settlers to build units (Cities/Stations/Vehicles) so they all need settlers to be built.

Build interface

The new version 3 now require Crew, settlers, to be able to build any kind of units. For that any new player start with a Vibz (full of 1750 settlers) and he is able to buy on imperials bases, a Vibz, a Shuttle, or a Fleet Factory Auxiliary that will be full of settlers.

Then the only way to have new settlers is to build cities that will have citizens and produce Workers.
For that we added 3 level of technology for the Cities, allowing to build from Town Village to Mega cities of hundreds millions citizens. Take care your citizens require to be happy, safe, heathly, employed, and you need to provide food on the base linked to the city. You will require to choice selling food to the Emperor or having Settlers for your own Empire.

It is under reflection to add into a further version the ability to train on Cities Academies the settlers for differents kinds of specialities (Enginners, Soldiers, Fleet Soldiers, Fleet Crews..) to increase the efficiency of your units.

For now only settlers can be set to units and are needed to build any kind of units.

Settlers needed to build a unit ingame

By the way all existing ships (not the stations/cities) built on the V0/V1/V2 versions, about 4 millions vehicles, got a status “dead crew”.

Status Dead Crew

All theses ships can be view, moved, loaded or refilled with crew by anybody, and have enough settlers to refill it.

Icon SubSystem Failure

None of the units with the status “dead crew” can receive an order different than “move” or “dock” into the current area. So the units stay on the current area until someone refill the crew.
It is the lost fleets on the galaxy, it create a new role for players willing to catch and dismantle or resell units abandonned by players.

As the sub system management handle the probability of failure during a battle, it is also possible that during a fight your ships got the dead crew status. Specifically if the Intertia Compensator stop to work. In that case the ship became un-usable as any unit without crew.
So we added a new class of ships, Auxiliary, where the specific design is to be able to repair, recrew or recycle units during campaigns.

A ship with a dead crew, have all theses guns disabled, it can move, but slowly, and it can also be dock into one of your ships or hanger.

Now the differents possibilities to recrew a vehicle that have a status Dead Crew:

The first possibility is using the Repair order from an other vehicle, class Builder or Auxiliary, to “repair From” or to “repair To”.

Repair From: If you have ships with crew on the current area, simply select one or many units having the status “Dead crew” (your or from any player), then clic the new icon “Repair/Add Crew”. All your repair class of ships will move to the selected ships and will first add crew then continue by repairing the unit. You can do it up to a selection of 500 units.

Repair From

Repair To: If you want to select specifically what unit to repair, you can then use the same classes of repair ships to give them an order “Repair/Add Crew TO”. Then clic the specific unit you want to repair. The selected ship will move to the target and then repair it.

Repair To

The Second possibility is using the Hanger of an unit able to have crew on it, like the new Class Auxiliary, or into a station linked to a base.
You then require to dock the units to repair in it, then open the Hangar interface, go to the detail or the hangar, select one ship or the global class of ships and clic on “Add Crew” icon.

Details from Base

You can also link your Constructors or Auxies to one of your bases (that now have ability to handle 150k settlers).

Mankind Version 3 Release

A new version of Mankind is now available for all.

The Version 3 now include
-the requirement of ores and crew to build stations, cities and vehicles,
-the ability to add/remove crew of owned vehicles, and also to add crew to units decay,
-decay enabled for all units over the galaxy (players not connecting the game for +12 weeks) – the crew of vehicles will die and require to add crew to enable it back
-the full levels of cities (38 differents building in 3 differents technologies) to produce workers and then us it as crew members
-Guardians are now enabled, and players will receive ingame notification for any non friend unit sent to a Guardian/ Guild Tower or Headquarter owned,
-plenty of bugs corrections and enhancements to discovers

As stated on a previous annoucement, the galaxy is now open at 25% (~10 000 regions with a total of 81 532 systems opens), the bottom right side (East Galaxy) can be select when requesting to Register the game for Free.

Visit the download section to access the version stored on Google Drive (Linux/Mac/Windows) or Discord to be uptodate

New version 3 plan – Galaxy Map and release Date

New Galaxy Version 3

Happy new year 2022! In preview, here is the latest news about Version 3 of Mankind.

The galaxy is going to be extended to allow more capabilities for new and old players.
As we are still on beta, we made a compromise between the number of systems and the amount of players.
An event will take place when the area at the bottom right of the galaxy opens.

On term of quantity the galaxy totaly include about 2 Millions planets dispatched into more than 333 Thousands systems.

At all the galaxy will now be open at 25% (~10 000 regions with a total of 81 532 systems opens)
To compare values – Alpha version had 3% of the total regions.

On terms of quality, we added a territory management on that galaxy, each sector of the galaxy can be reach by specific islands of systems at the cross of the frontiers.
By the way, theses islands can be reach only by super colony ships (Wonder Tech) and by the new cargo Erika.TK capacities (able to jump up to 1750 parsecs) until players colonize it and/or install their own Jumpgates.

We also added 3 new imperial bases on the bottom right area – and the new players will be able to select to start the game on the Sandbox (Bifea), or the external border (Bottom Right).

The version 3 of Mankind will also include:
– 181 models of buildings, cities and ships to colonize the galaxy,
– All buildings and ships will require Crew (Settlers for now) to be built,
– The Decay will be enabled – after 12 Weeks without login – the Cities/Stations will be vanished and the ships will wait someone to refill Crew
– The Crew management will be available, capability to collect ships without crew from others players (Crew dead during battles, or due to Decay)
-A global re-design of all the units requirements (resources/cost to be built/researched), and capacities (structure, cargo, hangar)

The release date is planned for 15/01/2022

Quantex new Owner of Mankind

“Mankind”, one of the first massively multiplayer real-time strategy games, which initially got released in 1998 by Vibes SA, has just been acquired by the company Quantex Online Entertainment.

Its CEO, Laurent de Alcala, is pleased with the agreement with the former owner of Mankind, which made it possible to prepare a new prototype.
“Today, thanks to this acquisition, this project will be revived and the jewel of freedom and space conquest be endured – that’s the “Mankind” project.”
With the latest technologies available, combined with many years of experience and development, a new project will be enabled. Look forward to “Mankind Remastered”, which will be released as Beta Version in 2021.

About Quantex Online Entertainment
Quantex is a company under creation born from the passion of his owner and the community that trust on the Mankind concept.

About “Mankind Remastered”
“Mankind Remastered” is the prototype “Unity Space Conquest” (currently available and that will got renamed), based on what Mankind could became with the current technologies. So this version include all the mecanisms of Mankind plus additional ideas of multi platforms, and designed to integrate territorial and colonization of a new fresh galaxy.

Beta Version – New Server Setup

Following today maintenance, we now got a new server on a new location.

The IP got changed behind the DNS. This mean that for Chineses players and for American one it could take up to 24H for that the World Wide Web update tables to join our server.
If you do not success to connect the game you can simply change the “Empire Adress” – please visit our “Discord” to have process:

Additionnaly the server got a new version including recent changes to enable the Colony Ship, the ability to know where your cities are on the galaxy, and a correction for the extraction of resources.

At the end the server is now sized for a production environment, so global latencies on changing area and loading environment and forwarding resources from/to units should be far better than before.

Be informed by visiting our Discord link

Beta Version – Start of Technologies Changes

Today is a great day. A new release V2.5.3.0 is available for all players.
That version include a new technologie tree from Universal to Wonder Tech as it was the case on Mankind video game.
The cost of the technologies and the times of build got a new design of time and cost compatible with a Beta Version,
For now the units do not yet require Settlers and Resources to be built but we added all the units of the final design and we will continue to release new versions

New Battle Management Design

On regard of the incoming Beta version it seem important to explain the changes made on the battle management.

First of all, the new design of units include different types of arms and different types of armors.

Each arm and missile is designed to a maximum level of Armor. So if a missile is shooting a higher level of Armor than this maximum value, the chance to pierce the hull is reduced by 50% for each level of armor missing.

So for exemple, the ShadowAmper is equiped with a Laser SL F.8, it shoot 2 lasers each 2.5 seconds of 15 power each (30 max) and it is able to pierce a hull Level 2 – Medium maximum.
So against a BattleShips the ShadowAmper will have in the fact an efficiency of 7.5 points of damage per shooting sequence (each 2.5 second) and not 30.

SL F.8 Laser

So each Station and Engine is equiped with a level of armor on regard of it s technology.
Armor Level 0 – Non armored unit – mean that the building is just using standard materials, Iron, Rock, (ie Planet Building like cities)
Armor Level 1 – Light Armored units – mean that the building require a titanium structure
Armor Level 2 – Medium Armored units – mean that the building require advanced structure on iridium
Armor Level 3 – Heavy Armored units – mean that the building require structure on bounatium and Iridium
Armor Level 4 – Super Armored units – mean that the building require structure on bounatium, iridium and tritium

As basic first implementation the level of Armor is currently set according the technology Level as describe here for the Stations and the Cities and will be shown into the game into a next version:

Universal – Level O
Terrestrian-T – Level 0
Space-S – Level 0
Terrestrian-T2 – Level 1
Space-S2 – Level 1
Space-S3 – Level 2
Space-HighTech – Level 2
Space-HF – Level 3
Urban – Level 1 for Stations – Level 0 for Cities
Urban-U2 – Level 2 for Stations – Level 0 for Cities
Hydrogen – Level 3
Refine – Level 3
Wonder – Level 4

As additional parameter each battle now include the Missile / Anti Missile concept and the SubSystems concept.

The anti missile defence is based on the concept of the battle wall. Bigs ships have to be equiped with small ships (ie Cruiser) that will enhance the anti missile defence. Each anti missile will first try to shoot incoming missiles that target the attached canon, but if no missiles are shooting him, it will try to shoot missile in range incoming to friend units.

The SubSystem concept is the idea that each canon, individually can be destroyed by an other arm that success to pierce the hull (Same or higher level).
So each time a missile is piercing the hull, it have a chance to destroy a subsystem. For example if the subsystem destroyed is a Inertia compensator, the engine will stop a as all the crew members will be dead.
An other example, if the Power Generator is destroyed, the ship will stop, but it have also a change to explode before that the protection system stop it.. On that case the ship will explode at all.
If an engine is destroyed, the ships will slow down and will be late on the squad… and then and then.


The only way to enable back the subsystems is to repair the ship until 100%. Take care that if you send your damaged ships from one system to an other, it have a chance that the crew members success to repair the damaged subsystems, but it also have a change that an other subsystem fail during the travel… and maybe explode at destination.

Think to it if you move Troops or Resources ships from systems to systems. It is far better to repair your ships and do not take any risk.

Official announcement – Database Change

We are at a corner for the Beta version. So here is the plan for the next steps on regards of the database of units.

So we need to change the database of units available:

– to enable back the resources required to build units.
– to disable the old design units
– to switch existing units to new design
– to change few parameters into existing technos
– to add new units and technos

For the resources required step, all the units other than “Universal” will have the new design of resources required as stated into the “Design of units“. So all the new building and units will require resources to be built into the galaxy.

For the Disable of the old units step, we need to explain that the current game is a mix of the Prototype made at the origin, in 2015, and the new design of ships made since 2020. So a part of the units got the design from old game and did not implements new anti-missile or ability to fight against the new designed units. For this step all the Galaxy/X/C9/Bomber will got disabled from the ability to build it. All users having it on their account will be able to use it until their destruction.

For the Adaptation of existing units, the current database concept of units contains error or mistake of units. For example the MegaCargo should have a larger cargo hold than current one. Or the current Space City Hall should be available into a further technology than the Universal one. So we will need to disable the current units and create new ones into new technologies area. On this side, all existing units will stay until it got destroyed. It is an advantage for some players but this is acceptable on regards of all the effort that the Alpha testers added into this version.

For the changes of parameters, some units will change of capacity or technologies, price of research, time of research and so. This to match a design of a Beta version. As said, all the effort made by the Alpha testers, since 5 years for some of them, will confirm that nothing will be changed for existing users. Only new account will have the new requiered time and cost to research it.

And Finally the new units concepts include new units, as the Extractor for Asteroid, the Refinery of Hydrogen, the Wonders, the Gardian Control and then and then. All theses units will be added during the nexts weeks to existing galaxy. We will try to add the models into the versions, but as this do not require new version on client side, this is handled by server, some players late on versions will see “white box” if the new model is not available.

So all theses changes will be done one by one and will start with the new resources design step and we will report changes at each new version.

Resources required for Stations

The last version allow to enable the required resources to build units.

So here is a first definition of how this definition got enabled.

The Game contain about 18 differents ressources, common(from the Sand to Iron), average (from Uranium to Larium) and rare (from Silver to Deuterium).

All the resources can be bought/sold to an imperial base, and since last version, all the resources can be stored into the differents carge/wharehouse or into the player “profil bucket”.

So here is the definition for the stations we made:

On planet, any station have a fixed concrete according his size, so it require, sand, rock, water and iron to be built.

With the same logic, each unit got a resource requirement based on his capacities, armor level, structure, hangar, cargo, radar, housing, generator, electronic…

So this is defined for the stations, and we will apply the same logic to vehicles and cities.

Current amount of resources defined is subject to be modified according returns from alpha/beta players and according size of units.

To allow new players to build the first stations required to start the game, we will add into the player “profil bucket” enough resources to start the game.