Official announcement – Database Change

We are at a corner for the Beta version. So here is the plan for the next steps on regards of the database of units.

So we need to change the database of units available:

– to enable back the resources required to build units.
– to disable the old design units
– to switch existing units to new design
– to change few parameters into existing technos
– to add new units and technos

For the resources required step, all the units other than “Universal” will have the new design of resources required as stated into the “Design of units“. So all the new building and units will require resources to be built into the galaxy.

For the Disable of the old units step, we need to explain that the current game is a mix of the Prototype made at the origin, in 2015, and the new design of ships made since 2020. So a part of the units got the design from old game and did not implements new anti-missile or ability to fight against the new designed units. For this step all the Galaxy/X/C9/Bomber will got disabled from the ability to build it. All users having it on their account will be able to use it until their destruction.

For the Adaptation of existing units, the current database concept of units contains error or mistake of units. For example the MegaCargo should have a larger cargo hold than current one. Or the current Space City Hall should be available into a further technology than the Universal one. So we will need to disable the current units and create new ones into new technologies area. On this side, all existing units will stay until it got destroyed. It is an advantage for some players but this is acceptable on regards of all the effort that the Alpha testers added into this version.

For the changes of parameters, some units will change of capacity or technologies, price of research, time of research and so. This to match a design of a Beta version. As said, all the effort made by the Alpha testers, since 5 years for some of them, will confirm that nothing will be changed for existing users. Only new account will have the new requiered time and cost to research it.

And Finally the new units concepts include new units, as the Extractor for Asteroid, the Refinery of Hydrogen, the Wonders, the Gardian Control and then and then. All theses units will be added during the nexts weeks to existing galaxy. We will try to add the models into the versions, but as this do not require new version on client side, this is handled by server, some players late on versions will see “white box” if the new model is not available.

So all theses changes will be done one by one and will start with the new resources design step and we will report changes at each new version.

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