Resources required for Stations

The last version allow to enable the required resources to build units.

So here is a first definition of how this definition got enabled.

The Game contain about 18 differents ressources, common(from the Sand to Iron), average (from Uranium to Larium) and rare (from Silver to Deuterium).

All the resources can be bought/sold to an imperial base, and since last version, all the resources can be stored into the differents carge/wharehouse or into the player “profil bucket”.

So here is the definition for the stations we made:

On planet, any station have a fixed concrete according his size, so it require, sand, rock, water and iron to be built.

With the same logic, each unit got a resource requirement based on his capacities, armor level, structure, hangar, cargo, radar, housing, generator, electronic…

So this is defined for the stations, and we will apply the same logic to vehicles and cities.

Current amount of resources defined is subject to be modified according returns from alpha/beta players and according size of units.

To allow new players to build the first stations required to start the game, we will add into the player “profil bucket” enough resources to start the game.

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