Version 2.4 – Resources Management and newDesign


Here is the design of the new resources requirement concept.
Each players have a “profil” account where each player can handle up to 3M tons of resources (+1M/Headquarter built).

At the account creation, each player will receive into this bucket a certain amount of resources to allow him to build the first stations required to start the game.
Each build of station or unit will first check on the availables stock link, then if no available resources are found, it will check on the “profil” account.

So a player with a simple “Constructor” will be able to build anywhere according the “profil” bucket.

The only way to “full fill” the “Profil” bucket is to forward resources to it from an imperial base or a player headquarter.
The only way to “forward” resources from this “Profil bucket” to a cargo is from an owned Headquarter (but not a base) and from an Imperial Base (under reflexion)

Forwarding resources from the profil account to cargo into an imperial base allow players to fullfill the profil bucket into an owned Headquarter then entering an imperial system and then sell resources without space movements.
The point under reflexion is about the advantage provided to players having an Headquarter and the fact they no longer need to move ships to Imperial Systems.
But on the other side, the players Headquarters are shown to all other players into the galaxy map… so a light-house for ennemies.

On the other side, it is under reflexion to allow to sell resources to the empire directly from the Headquarters (and not only from Imperial Bases).

So execepted the points under reflexions, this concept and the first “required resources” are setup into the “prototype-dev” servers (you can switch into the account setting to have a look)

When the exact amount of resources to add to the profil bucket will be finalized, this values of resources required will be added to the alpha/beta server.
For now only Stations on Dev server got a properly defined amount of resources.

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