New Battle Management Design

On regard of the incoming Beta version it seem important to explain the changes made on the battle management.

First of all, the new design of units include different types of arms and different types of armors.

Each arm and missile is designed to a maximum level of Armor. So if a missile is shooting a higher level of Armor than this maximum value, the chance to pierce the hull is reduced by 50% for each level of armor missing.

So for exemple, the ShadowAmper is equiped with a Laser SL F.8, it shoot 2 lasers each 2.5 seconds of 15 power each (30 max) and it is able to pierce a hull Level 2 – Medium maximum.
So against a BattleShips the ShadowAmper will have in the fact an efficiency of 7.5 points of damage per shooting sequence (each 2.5 second) and not 30.

SL F.8 Laser

So each Station and Engine is equiped with a level of armor on regard of it s technology.
Armor Level 0 – Non armored unit – mean that the building is just using standard materials, Iron, Rock, (ie Planet Building like cities)
Armor Level 1 – Light Armored units – mean that the building require a titanium structure
Armor Level 2 – Medium Armored units – mean that the building require advanced structure on iridium
Armor Level 3 – Heavy Armored units – mean that the building require structure on bounatium and Iridium
Armor Level 4 – Super Armored units – mean that the building require structure on bounatium, iridium and tritium

As basic first implementation the level of Armor is currently set according the technology Level as describe here for the Stations and the Cities and will be shown into the game into a next version:

Universal – Level O
Terrestrian-T – Level 0
Space-S – Level 0
Terrestrian-T2 – Level 1
Space-S2 – Level 1
Space-S3 – Level 2
Space-HighTech – Level 2
Space-HF – Level 3
Urban – Level 1 for Stations – Level 0 for Cities
Urban-U2 – Level 2 for Stations – Level 0 for Cities
Hydrogen – Level 3
Refine – Level 3
Wonder – Level 4

As additional parameter each battle now include the Missile / Anti Missile concept and the SubSystems concept.

The anti missile defence is based on the concept of the battle wall. Bigs ships have to be equiped with small ships (ie Cruiser) that will enhance the anti missile defence. Each anti missile will first try to shoot incoming missiles that target the attached canon, but if no missiles are shooting him, it will try to shoot missile in range incoming to friend units.

The SubSystem concept is the idea that each canon, individually can be destroyed by an other arm that success to pierce the hull (Same or higher level).
So each time a missile is piercing the hull, it have a chance to destroy a subsystem. For example if the subsystem destroyed is a Inertia compensator, the engine will stop a as all the crew members will be dead.
An other example, if the Power Generator is destroyed, the ship will stop, but it have also a change to explode before that the protection system stop it.. On that case the ship will explode at all.
If an engine is destroyed, the ships will slow down and will be late on the squad… and then and then.


The only way to enable back the subsystems is to repair the ship until 100%. Take care that if you send your damaged ships from one system to an other, it have a chance that the crew members success to repair the damaged subsystems, but it also have a change that an other subsystem fail during the travel… and maybe explode at destination.

Think to it if you move Troops or Resources ships from systems to systems. It is far better to repair your ships and do not take any risk.

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