Jumpgates Status – How to exit starting area

Unity Space Conquest include more than 200k space systems that can be close to or at the other side of the galaxy.

The galaxy is defined by a square of ~50 000 parsec including sectors (region) of 100 parsec sides.

To travel of the differents systems you have 3 way of jumping your units to hyperspace.

  • First way is the engine of the unit itself that include a capability of Hyperspace:Yes into the technology.

A value describe the amount of parsecs that the ships can travel, for example 50 parsec for a system to system cargo or 200 parsecs for a war ship.

When you start the game, you are on a safe area of the galaxy including 2 region of 100 parsecs.
You can send your units to all the systems of that safe area with one or 2 jumps with the engine of your units.

To exit the safe area or simply to send your units over the galaxy to a long range (over than the unit engine capability) you need to use the Imperial Jumpgate Network.

  • Second way is the Imperial Jumpgates

Each Imperial system include a Jumpgate that allow you to send your units from/to any imperial system whatever the distance.
The Emperor will just take a tax according the current price of the Deuterium. And the Imperial Jumpgates do not allow war ships, only civils one (cargo, constructors…).
To use it, send your ship to an imperial system, then select it, then on the galaxy view select an other imperial system and clic on “send your selection to that system”.
If you have enough money and that your ships is a civil one, then your ships hyperspace capability will be extanded by the jumpgate to an infinite value (if at least the unit have an hypercapabily engine).

  • Third one is the players Jumpgates

A technology “Hydro” allow the players to extract and refine hydrogen from planets.

That technology also allow to build  players Jumpgates Networks.

A jumpgate require Deuterium to enhance the engine of your units, when you build your own Jumpgate you then have 2 way of work.

First is a simple jumpgate into a simple system. That jumpgate will be an arrival point of your network.

Second is a jumpgate into an headquarter system. That jumpgate will be an arrival and a start point of your nerwork.

A start point require that the Jumpgate got linked to your Headquarter and that enough Tank fullfill with Deuterium got linked to your Headquarter.

Take case that your network can be used by your friend and that an headquarter as a jumpgate is shown to all on the galaxy view.

On Alpha version it is possible to extract Hydrogen from Gazeous planets, but not to refine it to collect Deuterium. So only arrival point should be enabled (as extention of the Imperial Network)

Release V1.8.0.0 – Advanced Inventory

Dear Unity Space Conquest followers we are glad to annunce a new version

For Windows Store players, please update your version from Windows Store Download tab.

This version allow to manage resources from any of your units (or shared one with other players) as following:

When you open a base or an headquarter the advanced inventory show the following sub elements according the station selected:
The Status show the differents capability of the unit – like sharing level/name and informations from the Technology Table. Further we will allow to enable differents “global” information of the units selected – like total stock, trade enabled, trade parameters..


If the selected unit is your (base/headquarter..) you have a tab Resources enabled that allow to have an overview “Group By” of your resources into this base split into 2 subs elements – first all stations linked to your base, second all vehicles into hangars linked to your base.
As sample, this allow to have an overview of stock from your base:
Like if you had set your base “on trade” into Mankind, you can forward resources from this “global view” to your engines into your hangars.
An other Tab present is the Hangar that show a “global view” of all the units presents into your base and all the hangars. This should allow (not for now) to forward units from/to the hangars/vehicles.
To allow to have the capabilty to select the unit one by one we added the “Details” view that allow to have the detail of the “global view” for resources and for vehicles.
That way you can expand/collapse each level of containers. Here it miss some elements like sub group but it is still under developement.
If you are into one of your Headquarter you then have the “Profil” tab that allow you to have a view of your personnal account storage. Depending of the amount of Headquarter you built into the galaxy your personnal account storage increase by 1Million tons for each. You can store here any resource and forward it to your vehicles according your requirements
If you are into an inventory of an imperial base (or a player in a further version), a Buy Tab is added to allow you to view the list of resources on sale into this base
That interface show the list of resources on sale, with the quantity and the price. Only the resources on sale are shown.
That interface should show also the vehicles on sale, but for now none are configured on server side for imperial bases. We will add it soon.
Same for Buy, the Sale tab appear on imperial bases and on players bases on trade (not implemented for now for players).
That interface should show the list of resources and vehicles that you can sell to this base
So all of that are the list of capabilti to select the “From” to forward resources/vehicles. If you clic a sub element of that differents interfaces you then have a middle interface that show the capabilities to do with it. As sample Forward to Headquarter or Profil to be able to select the destination.
For now almost all the forward of resources are done, somes fetures are missing like “sub qty total of resources” and some bugs are still present it is true 🙂 . Next step is to implement the forward of vehicles to vehicles/hangars.
We hope to be able to finish all theses features for end of Jully with additional corrections on FogOfWar that is also bugged for now 🙂

Release – Only for Testers

We are glad to annunce a pre Alpha Version available for tester (X64 only for now).

This version is the first release of the year including a rework of existing interfaces and a first set of working features for Mail Interfaces.

We also include a set of bugs corrections that allow the players to play the game.

The full release notes is available at this link

To be able to access this new version you require to request access to the beta testers program.

Release V1.5.9.0 – New Major Version

Dear Players,

We just pushed to the folders a new version for all platforms (Windows 10 is under certification process)

Here is the release notes of this version:

Main Scene changes
  • Cockpit Interface Removed – By selecting “New cockpit scene” into Graphics option you enable this mode.
  • New main scene – Now build icon allow to switch from views without using Cockpit
  • New main scene – New tool tips for list of interfaces actions
  • New main scene – Now “Back” return to 3D view (in place of cockpit)
  • Remove Cockpit reference from text button (Back to cockpit became Back)
  • Correction on new main scene view when clicking on icon Build on planet, and icon Galaxy view

Unit resize

  • A global rework got made for all the size of engines. Now the size is depending from Technologies and no longer from 3D model.
  • Resize models to adapt scale according size of units and area (space/planet)
  • Feel free to report any issue on model size according a planet or space.
  • Following specific corrections got implemented on models:
    • Add missing texture for D.Blade and change size
    • Resize Veloce.Tk and Rocket.TK
    • Correction model Radar S223
    • Correction texture for E210 tracks
Play mode / New features / Changes:
  • Refactoring search position for move orders on planet and in space
  • Unit movement stay with bezier movement in space, but now use a waypoint path finder in planet
  • Change way the path finding is searching a position from start to end (to avoid having tank locked after exiting station)
  • Manage order “dismantle” when a “destroy” is requested to a station/city (a ship is required to act the order)
  • You can now dismantle statics units (ie: city halls)
  • Change constant for units access on planets,
    • now tank can access slope up to 45° (was 25°),
    • flying extractor can access slope up to 65° (was 45°),
    • ground extractor stay at 20°,
    • Building is possible at 15°,
    • Flying units can move to any position.
  • Change VR enable/disable keys from V/N to Shif V/Shif N
  • Add a check limit feature by Shift L – a chat message report if a warning on amount of cities according headquarters is detected
  • Add an automatic check at start to check if a player have too much city halls (to request to dismantle it – otherwise maintain cost reduce player money)
  • Add chat message during play:
    • when a player is already connected into the area
    • when a player just connect the current area
    • when a player leave the current area
  • Ships no longer follow heightmap under water on waterplanet
  • Tank can no longer move under water
  • Ships can no longer build under water – buildgrid exclude underwater on waterplanet
  • Tactical view – New way to handle new icons units from new mission
  • Fog of war – Add refresh view for units entering environement
  • When a build order is sent and that no more builder is available, the view return to 3D and no longer to cockpit
  • List of installation is hidden when view Galaxy view is requested
  • Default value of Galaxy view height is increased to maximum for a Galaxy overview
  • Correction pointer on Astero when leaving env
  • Destroy ghost units when leaving env
  • Correction when trying to build an headquarter on region already owned. Now show “this environment or area already have an headquarter”
  • Correction bug when building a ship that was refused on planet if the buildgrid is not loaded
  • Adding message text when a build of oversized unit is selected for factories that do not have a hangar matching
  • Setting not active vehicle that have order VehicleInConstructionStopped
  • Setting active vehicle that have order EnterIntoStation/EnterIntoVehicle (not active only when InStation/InVehicle)
  • Setting FogOfWar on clear view (remove dark fog of war), adding Dispose and clear methods when leaving environement
  • Correction for GetAllFactories/Laboratories to limit to actives list of units
  • Now environement is destroyed before leaving the game
  • Add Imperial systems into Jumpgate list on galaxy map
  • Remove Jumpgates from non friend from jumpgates list on galaxy map

Technologies Databases changes

  • Space Factory can now build ships up to 5
  • Size modification for C9 Destroyer (from 4 to 5)
  • Size modification for X60 Cruiser (from 3 to 2)
  • Planet HQ removed from player techno (and set to Empire Techno)
  • Space HQ price set to 400M credits


  • Add security to avoid crash on leaving systems
  • Add security to avoid wrong load according systems
  • Add security to avoid unit hiden to be hiden on movement
  • Add security to avoid crash on creating tactical icons when an unit got destroyed
  • Add securities/corrections for large amount of units move on planets

Bug corrections

  • Correction for energy link to manage cities – check if that your city hall is well connected
  • Correction height of small units in space that was different than bigger units
  • Correction to avoid unloading tanks in space
  • Crash correction when a path finding thread is launch on planet
  • Crash correction for Grouping algorithm when searching for more that 2 thousands positions
  • Correction to receive correct amount of headquarters from server
  • Correction to manage Cities into reserved build grids cells
  • Remove reserved  cells from buildgrid when a city is dismantled

Server Correction:

  • Crash Correction when entering a system during battle

Release V1.5.7.0 – Headquarters build enabled

We are glad to announce the release including capability to build Headquarters into the galaxy.

Building an Headquarter into a system allow players to own a full sector of the galaxy. The name of the player is shown as Owner.

It also allow differents capabilities like:

  • Building your own Jumpgate into the same system and send any ship to any system into the galaxy that have a single jumpgate (one way), or an other friend sector (an other headquarter) to create hyperjumps way to made instant travel over the galaxy.
  • Building more cities (5 more per headquarter) and then generate more tax incomes.

The limit is set to 5 headquarters per player. So group/guild of players can own full sectors of the galaxy.

A headquarter can not be build into an Imperial Sector (where an Imperial Base is present) or Near an Imperial sector (all sectors joined)

This release also include bugs corrections and a release for following target:

  • Windows 7 for X64 and X86
  • Mac OSx
  • Linux for X64 and X86
  • Windows Store version is under certification process

Server Update – Clean up and HeadQuarter changes

Hi all players,

We just did a server maintain for following changes:

  1. Clean up the wrong datas present into the server.Since last server crash (jully) a wrong amount of cities was present into the server. So some players was not gaining money thanks to citizens taxes.

    Now the server is clean, and each account have the correct amount of cities. Anyplayers that had more cities than the level 0 limit (5 cities) got the amount reduced to 5.

    Now all players should gain money thanks to taxes.

  2. Technology Update for preparing the next client release

First we removed the planet Headquarter from players techno and add it to Imperial Technos, this mean that no players will be able to build it

Second we changed the cost to build an Headquarter and we set it to 400M credits (previous was 80k).

Any Headquarter already present into the galaxy got removed to align all players

You will be informed when then new update will be released to enable the Headquarter building capability.

Windows Store – Update needed

As some players using the Windows Store could have a “Bad version” error when connecting the game  – we will explain by this post how the mechanism is working.

First of all, when a new version of the game is released, we some times require that this version became Mandatory. This mean that when the previous version contain a Major issue, we then require that all players got a new version to avoid that Server or Other players use or meet this issue.

So when we release a new version, we need to send it to Microsoft for Certification.

This is a normal process as microsoft need to validate the product sent, verify that it work properly on all designed platform and that it respect the industry and microsofts standards.

For more details, please visit this link that explain what is the Microsoft App Certification

Now, this certification could take few hours and up to 3 business days (Sunday not include), according US time. So depending on when we push the version, it take up to 5 days to have the version online.

When the version is online, it is not automatically sent to all the players, as this mean up to 1.7Gb of data (~600Mo for each platform – x86/x64/ARM) and it sometimes require to manually force the update.

So start the Microsoft Store then click on upper right to “Download and Update” (Téléchargement et Mise à jour”)

You should then have the list of product installed into your computer, including “Unity Space Conquest – Alpha”, including the version and the last update date.

You can now click on “Obtain update” on upper right, and then it should download the new version.

If no version are download and that you still have “Bad Version”, it then mean that the product is still under certification process and that you need to try again later on.




New version – Alpha 2

Dear followers,

We are glad to present you our 2018 version of Unity Space Conquest.

This version is just sent to certification and will be available next week into the Windows Store (update: Version is now updated).

UPDATE: Now center of the galaxy can be reach with constructors to conquest up to 30 000 open systems

This is the first version including capabilities for players to protect their systems with static defences on spaces and on planets you own.

Battle management is now open, so you can select the target for each unit you own and select/move your units on the tactic view by groups of units with a one click selection.

The Fog of War is also enabled, and each unit that your radar see at a time is automatically “ghost” when it move over your field of view. The ghost is automatically removed when the transponder of the unit appear again into your radar (at the same or a different position). This feature can be jammed by certains kind of units.

It is also possible now to build cities on planets, and space, up to 5 per players at the first level.

Level of players is according amount of headquarters build into space, each headquarter can be build on unknown sector and allow the player to build 5 more cities.

Take care that the information that a player is building an headquarter is shared with every other players on the Galaxy view. So it is like a light on the night. You can now be attacked 🙂

On the other side, we also open access to planets, and players can build biggers cities on planets, tank factories and tanks to defend it or plan to attack others players.

It is also possible to extract resources on planets and asteroids of up to 15 differents kinds of ressources. Each stock extracted is stored into your units or linked bases/warehouses. But for now the stock management had to be postponed to next release.

A new build grid, allowing multi-build, is now available. It show the landscape capabilities according the heightmap. This is also enabled on space to avoid building bases at position of asteroids.

We added into this version a dozen of differents tanks to allow landscapes battles. Some are for radar, jam, or aerian/terrestrial attacks. You can discover it and test it during battles.

Of course we are still on Alpha version, so feel free to report bugs and/or request access to the beta group of users by visiting the Link section.

This year release is now over, so the next story board is for 2019, and we still have a ton of features to implements, to allow trade, new interfaces, mission management, stock management, transport of stocks, hydrogen management and dozen of other new features.

I would like to send a special thank to Kevin and Lukaz that did great work on the current release during the past 6 months.




New Alpha version 1.4.5/1.4.6

This week we did a server update to handle ressources extraction and positions from server side.

On client side, you have the version 1.4.5 available into the Windows Store that include the fog of war working from Unity update at each frame.

The beta testers have access to the version 1.4.6 available into the drive folder, with the same fog of war but working from backend process.

This version also handle optimisation on backend process to access all elements during battles, build, move order, radar, fog… The optimisation ratio is from 1000 to 100 000 faster than the version 1.4.5.

The version 1.4.6 will be pushed to the Windows Store next monday.

On server side, we met a big bang issue on the database and we restore a backup from monday 18 jully for the 2 regions where players start the game.

For the rest of the galaxy, it is possible that you lost all existing units on the server. We are sorry for this result but it allow us to stabilize the server binairies during this Alpha version.

Alpha Version Into Windows Store

We just sent for certification the current version to Microsoft Store. It is now available.

This version include procedural generation of planet, resources extraction, ability to build and use landforces, cities and many new graphical features.

Feel free to test is and request access to the Alpha test program