New version 3 plan – Galaxy Map and release Date

New Galaxy Version 3

Happy new year 2022! In preview, here is the latest news about Version 3 of Mankind.

The galaxy is going to be extended to allow more capabilities for new and old players.
As we are still on beta, we made a compromise between the number of systems and the amount of players.
An event will take place when the area at the bottom right of the galaxy opens.

On term of quantity the galaxy totaly include about 2 Millions planets dispatched into more than 333 Thousands systems.

At all the galaxy will now be open at 25% (~10 000 regions with a total of 81 532 systems opens)
To compare values – Alpha version had 3% of the total regions.

On terms of quality, we added a territory management on that galaxy, each sector of the galaxy can be reach by specific islands of systems at the cross of the frontiers.
By the way, theses islands can be reach only by super colony ships (Wonder Tech) and by the new cargo Erika.TK capacities (able to jump up to 1750 parsecs) until players colonize it and/or install their own Jumpgates.

We also added 3 new imperial bases on the bottom right area – and the new players will be able to select to start the game on the Sandbox (Bifea), or the external border (Bottom Right).

The version 3 of Mankind will also include:
– 181 models of buildings, cities and ships to colonize the galaxy,
– All buildings and ships will require Crew (Settlers for now) to be built,
– The Decay will be enabled – after 12 Weeks without login – the Cities/Stations will be vanished and the ships will wait someone to refill Crew
– The Crew management will be available, capability to collect ships without crew from others players (Crew dead during battles, or due to Decay)
-A global re-design of all the units requirements (resources/cost to be built/researched), and capacities (structure, cargo, hangar)

The release date is planned for 15/01/2022

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