Mankind Version 3 Release

A new version of Mankind is now available for all.

The Version 3 now include
-the requirement of ores and crew to build stations, cities and vehicles,
-the ability to add/remove crew of owned vehicles, and also to add crew to units decay,
-decay enabled for all units over the galaxy (players not connecting the game for +12 weeks) – the crew of vehicles will die and require to add crew to enable it back
-the full levels of cities (38 differents building in 3 differents technologies) to produce workers and then us it as crew members
-Guardians are now enabled, and players will receive ingame notification for any non friend unit sent to a Guardian/ Guild Tower or Headquarter owned,
-plenty of bugs corrections and enhancements to discovers

As stated on a previous annoucement, the galaxy is now open at 25% (~10 000 regions with a total of 81 532 systems opens), the bottom right side (East Galaxy) can be select when requesting to Register the game for Free.

Visit the download section to access the version stored on Google Drive (Linux/Mac/Windows) or Discord to be uptodate

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