Quantex new Owner of Mankind

“Mankind”, one of the first massively multiplayer real-time strategy games, which initially got released in 1998 by Vibes SA, has just been acquired by the company Quantex Online Entertainment.

Its CEO, Laurent de Alcala, is pleased with the agreement with the former owner of Mankind, which made it possible to prepare a new prototype.
“Today, thanks to this acquisition, this project will be revived and the jewel of freedom and space conquest be endured – that’s the “Mankind” project.”
With the latest technologies available, combined with many years of experience and development, a new project will be enabled. Look forward to “Mankind Remastered”, which will be released as Beta Version in 2021.

About Quantex Online Entertainment
Quantex is a company under creation born from the passion of his owner and the community that trust on the Mankind concept.

About “Mankind Remastered”
“Mankind Remastered” is the prototype “Unity Space Conquest” (currently available and that will got renamed), based on what Mankind could became with the current technologies. So this version include all the mecanisms of Mankind plus additional ideas of multi platforms, and designed to integrate territorial and colonization of a new fresh galaxy.


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