Crew Management – Settlers needed

The new version 3 of Mankind now enable the requirement of Crew for all units.
Until now it was not required to have settlers to build units (Cities/Stations/Vehicles) so they all need settlers to be built.

Build interface

The new version 3 now require Crew, settlers, to be able to build any kind of units. For that any new player start with a Vibz (full of 1750 settlers) and he is able to buy on imperials bases, a Vibz, a Shuttle, or a Fleet Factory Auxiliary that will be full of settlers.

Then the only way to have new settlers is to build cities that will have citizens and produce Workers.
For that we added 3 level of technology for the Cities, allowing to build from Town Village to Mega cities of hundreds millions citizens. Take care your citizens require to be happy, safe, heathly, employed, and you need to provide food on the base linked to the city. You will require to choice selling food to the Emperor or having Settlers for your own Empire.

It is under reflection to add into a further version the ability to train on Cities Academies the settlers for differents kinds of specialities (Enginners, Soldiers, Fleet Soldiers, Fleet Crews..) to increase the efficiency of your units.

For now only settlers can be set to units and are needed to build any kind of units.

Settlers needed to build a unit ingame

By the way all existing ships (not the stations/cities) built on the V0/V1/V2 versions, about 4 millions vehicles, got a status “dead crew”.

Status Dead Crew

All theses ships can be view, moved, loaded or refilled with crew by anybody, and have enough settlers to refill it.

Icon SubSystem Failure

None of the units with the status “dead crew” can receive an order different than “move” or “dock” into the current area. So the units stay on the current area until someone refill the crew.
It is the lost fleets on the galaxy, it create a new role for players willing to catch and dismantle or resell units abandonned by players.

As the sub system management handle the probability of failure during a battle, it is also possible that during a fight your ships got the dead crew status. Specifically if the Intertia Compensator stop to work. In that case the ship became un-usable as any unit without crew.
So we added a new class of ships, Auxiliary, where the specific design is to be able to repair, recrew or recycle units during campaigns.

A ship with a dead crew, have all theses guns disabled, it can move, but slowly, and it can also be dock into one of your ships or hanger.

Now the differents possibilities to recrew a vehicle that have a status Dead Crew:

The first possibility is using the Repair order from an other vehicle, class Builder or Auxiliary, to “repair From” or to “repair To”.

Repair From: If you have ships with crew on the current area, simply select one or many units having the status “Dead crew” (your or from any player), then clic the new icon “Repair/Add Crew”. All your repair class of ships will move to the selected ships and will first add crew then continue by repairing the unit. You can do it up to a selection of 500 units.

Repair From

Repair To: If you want to select specifically what unit to repair, you can then use the same classes of repair ships to give them an order “Repair/Add Crew TO”. Then clic the specific unit you want to repair. The selected ship will move to the target and then repair it.

Repair To

The Second possibility is using the Hanger of an unit able to have crew on it, like the new Class Auxiliary, or into a station linked to a base.
You then require to dock the units to repair in it, then open the Hangar interface, go to the detail or the hangar, select one ship or the global class of ships and clic on “Add Crew” icon.

Details from Base

You can also link your Constructors or Auxies to one of your bases (that now have ability to handle 150k settlers).

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