Release V1.5.9.0 – New Major Version

Dear Players,

We just pushed to the folders a new version for all platforms (Windows 10 is under certification process)

Here is the release notes of this version:

Main Scene changes
  • Cockpit Interface Removed – By selecting “New cockpit scene” into Graphics option you enable this mode.
  • New main scene – Now build icon allow to switch from views without using Cockpit
  • New main scene – New tool tips for list of interfaces actions
  • New main scene – Now “Back” return to 3D view (in place of cockpit)
  • Remove Cockpit reference from text button (Back to cockpit became Back)
  • Correction on new main scene view when clicking on icon Build on planet, and icon Galaxy view

Unit resize

  • A global rework got made for all the size of engines. Now the size is depending from Technologies and no longer from 3D model.
  • Resize models to adapt scale according size of units and area (space/planet)
  • Feel free to report any issue on model size according a planet or space.
  • Following specific corrections got implemented on models:
    • Add missing texture for D.Blade and change size
    • Resize Veloce.Tk and Rocket.TK
    • Correction model Radar S223
    • Correction texture for E210 tracks
Play mode / New features / Changes:
  • Refactoring search position for move orders on planet and in space
  • Unit movement stay with bezier movement in space, but now use a waypoint path finder in planet
  • Change way the path finding is searching a position from start to end (to avoid having tank locked after exiting station)
  • Manage order “dismantle” when a “destroy” is requested to a station/city (a ship is required to act the order)
  • You can now dismantle statics units (ie: city halls)
  • Change constant for units access on planets,
    • now tank can access slope up to 45° (was 25°),
    • flying extractor can access slope up to 65° (was 45°),
    • ground extractor stay at 20°,
    • Building is possible at 15°,
    • Flying units can move to any position.
  • Change VR enable/disable keys from V/N to Shif V/Shif N
  • Add a check limit feature by Shift L – a chat message report if a warning on amount of cities according headquarters is detected
  • Add an automatic check at start to check if a player have too much city halls (to request to dismantle it – otherwise maintain cost reduce player money)
  • Add chat message during play:
    • when a player is already connected into the area
    • when a player just connect the current area
    • when a player leave the current area
  • Ships no longer follow heightmap under water on waterplanet
  • Tank can no longer move under water
  • Ships can no longer build under water – buildgrid exclude underwater on waterplanet
  • Tactical view – New way to handle new icons units from new mission
  • Fog of war – Add refresh view for units entering environement
  • When a build order is sent and that no more builder is available, the view return to 3D and no longer to cockpit
  • List of installation is hidden when view Galaxy view is requested
  • Default value of Galaxy view height is increased to maximum for a Galaxy overview
  • Correction pointer on Astero when leaving env
  • Destroy ghost units when leaving env
  • Correction when trying to build an headquarter on region already owned. Now show “this environment or area already have an headquarter”
  • Correction bug when building a ship that was refused on planet if the buildgrid is not loaded
  • Adding message text when a build of oversized unit is selected for factories that do not have a hangar matching
  • Setting not active vehicle that have order VehicleInConstructionStopped
  • Setting active vehicle that have order EnterIntoStation/EnterIntoVehicle (not active only when InStation/InVehicle)
  • Setting FogOfWar on clear view (remove dark fog of war), adding Dispose and clear methods when leaving environement
  • Correction for GetAllFactories/Laboratories to limit to actives list of units
  • Now environement is destroyed before leaving the game
  • Add Imperial systems into Jumpgate list on galaxy map
  • Remove Jumpgates from non friend from jumpgates list on galaxy map

Technologies Databases changes

  • Space Factory can now build ships up to 5
  • Size modification for C9 Destroyer (from 4 to 5)
  • Size modification for X60 Cruiser (from 3 to 2)
  • Planet HQ removed from player techno (and set to Empire Techno)
  • Space HQ price set to 400M credits


  • Add security to avoid crash on leaving systems
  • Add security to avoid wrong load according systems
  • Add security to avoid unit hiden to be hiden on movement
  • Add security to avoid crash on creating tactical icons when an unit got destroyed
  • Add securities/corrections for large amount of units move on planets

Bug corrections

  • Correction for energy link to manage cities – check if that your city hall is well connected
  • Correction height of small units in space that was different than bigger units
  • Correction to avoid unloading tanks in space
  • Crash correction when a path finding thread is launch on planet
  • Crash correction for Grouping algorithm when searching for more that 2 thousands positions
  • Correction to receive correct amount of headquarters from server
  • Correction to manage Cities into reserved build grids cells
  • Remove reserved  cells from buildgrid when a city is dismantled

Server Correction:

  • Crash Correction when entering a system during battle

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