Release V1.5.7.0 – Headquarters build enabled

We are glad to announce the release including capability to build Headquarters into the galaxy.

Building an Headquarter into a system allow players to own a full sector of the galaxy. The name of the player is shown as Owner.

It also allow differents capabilities like:

  • Building your own Jumpgate into the same system and send any ship to any system into the galaxy that have a single jumpgate (one way), or an other friend sector (an other headquarter) to create hyperjumps way to made instant travel over the galaxy.
  • Building more cities (5 more per headquarter) and then generate more tax incomes.

The limit is set to 5 headquarters per player. So group/guild of players can own full sectors of the galaxy.

A headquarter can not be build into an Imperial Sector (where an Imperial Base is present) or Near an Imperial sector (all sectors joined)

This release also include bugs corrections and a release for following target:

  • Windows 7 for X64 and X86
  • Mac OSx
  • Linux for X64 and X86
  • Windows Store version is under certification process

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