Release V1.8.0.0 – Advanced Inventory

Dear Unity Space Conquest followers we are glad to annunce a new version

For Windows Store players, please update your version from Windows Store Download tab.

This version allow to manage resources from any of your units (or shared one with other players) as following:

When you open a base or an headquarter the advanced inventory show the following sub elements according the station selected:
The Status show the differents capability of the unit – like sharing level/name and informations from the Technology Table. Further we will allow to enable differents “global” information of the units selected – like total stock, trade enabled, trade parameters..


If the selected unit is your (base/headquarter..) you have a tab Resources enabled that allow to have an overview “Group By” of your resources into this base split into 2 subs elements – first all stations linked to your base, second all vehicles into hangars linked to your base.
As sample, this allow to have an overview of stock from your base:
Like if you had set your base “on trade” into Mankind, you can forward resources from this “global view” to your engines into your hangars.
An other Tab present is the Hangar that show a “global view” of all the units presents into your base and all the hangars. This should allow (not for now) to forward units from/to the hangars/vehicles.
To allow to have the capabilty to select the unit one by one we added the “Details” view that allow to have the detail of the “global view” for resources and for vehicles.
That way you can expand/collapse each level of containers. Here it miss some elements like sub group but it is still under developement.
If you are into one of your Headquarter you then have the “Profil” tab that allow you to have a view of your personnal account storage. Depending of the amount of Headquarter you built into the galaxy your personnal account storage increase by 1Million tons for each. You can store here any resource and forward it to your vehicles according your requirements
If you are into an inventory of an imperial base (or a player in a further version), a Buy Tab is added to allow you to view the list of resources on sale into this base
That interface show the list of resources on sale, with the quantity and the price. Only the resources on sale are shown.
That interface should show also the vehicles on sale, but for now none are configured on server side for imperial bases. We will add it soon.
Same for Buy, the Sale tab appear on imperial bases and on players bases on trade (not implemented for now for players).
That interface should show the list of resources and vehicles that you can sell to this base
So all of that are the list of capabilti to select the “From” to forward resources/vehicles. If you clic a sub element of that differents interfaces you then have a middle interface that show the capabilities to do with it. As sample Forward to Headquarter or Profil to be able to select the destination.
For now almost all the forward of resources are done, somes fetures are missing like “sub qty total of resources” and some bugs are still present it is true ๐Ÿ™‚ . Next step is to implement the forward of vehicles to vehicles/hangars.
We hope to be able to finish all theses features for end of Jully with additional corrections on FogOfWar that is also bugged for now ๐Ÿ™‚

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