Server Update – Clean up and HeadQuarter changes

Hi all players,

We just did a server maintain for following changes:

  1. Clean up the wrong datas present into the server.Since last server crash (jully) a wrong amount of cities was present into the server. So some players was not gaining money thanks to citizens taxes.

    Now the server is clean, and each account have the correct amount of cities. Anyplayers that had more cities than the level 0 limit (5 cities) got the amount reduced to 5.

    Now all players should gain money thanks to taxes.

  2. Technology Update for preparing the next client release

First we removed the planet Headquarter from players techno and add it to Imperial Technos, this mean that no players will be able to build it

Second we changed the cost to build an Headquarter and we set it to 400M credits (previous was 80k).

Any Headquarter already present into the galaxy got removed to align all players

You will be informed when then new update will be released to enable the Headquarter building capability.

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