Windows Store – Update needed

As some players using the Windows Store could have a “Bad version” error when connecting the game  – we will explain by this post how the mechanism is working.

First of all, when a new version of the game is released, we some times require that this version became Mandatory. This mean that when the previous version contain a Major issue, we then require that all players got a new version to avoid that Server or Other players use or meet this issue.

So when we release a new version, we need to send it to Microsoft for Certification.

This is a normal process as microsoft need to validate the product sent, verify that it work properly on all designed platform and that it respect the industry and microsofts standards.

For more details, please visit this link that explain what is the Microsoft App Certification

Now, this certification could take few hours and up to 3 business days (Sunday not include), according US time. So depending on when we push the version, it take up to 5 days to have the version online.

When the version is online, it is not automatically sent to all the players, as this mean up to 1.7Gb of data (~600Mo for each platform – x86/x64/ARM) and it sometimes require to manually force the update.

So start the Microsoft Store then click on upper right to “Download and Update” (Téléchargement et Mise à jour”)

You should then have the list of product installed into your computer, including “Unity Space Conquest – Alpha”, including the version and the last update date.

You can now click on “Obtain update” on upper right, and then it should download the new version.

If no version are download and that you still have “Bad Version”, it then mean that the product is still under certification process and that you need to try again later on.




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