New version – Alpha 2

Dear followers,

We are glad to present you our 2018 version of Unity Space Conquest.

This version is just sent to certification and will be available next week into the Windows Store (update: Version is now updated).

UPDATE: Now center of the galaxy can be reach with constructors to conquest up to 30 000 open systems

This is the first version including capabilities for players to protect their systems with static defences on spaces and on planets you own.

Battle management is now open, so you can select the target for each unit you own and select/move your units on the tactic view by groups of units with a one click selection.

The Fog of War is also enabled, and each unit that your radar see at a time is automatically “ghost” when it move over your field of view. The ghost is automatically removed when the transponder of the unit appear again into your radar (at the same or a different position). This feature can be jammed by certains kind of units.

It is also possible now to build cities on planets, and space, up to 5 per players at the first level.

Level of players is according amount of headquarters build into space, each headquarter can be build on unknown sector and allow the player to build 5 more cities.

Take care that the information that a player is building an headquarter is shared with every other players on the Galaxy view. So it is like a light on the night. You can now be attacked 🙂

On the other side, we also open access to planets, and players can build biggers cities on planets, tank factories and tanks to defend it or plan to attack others players.

It is also possible to extract resources on planets and asteroids of up to 15 differents kinds of ressources. Each stock extracted is stored into your units or linked bases/warehouses. But for now the stock management had to be postponed to next release.

A new build grid, allowing multi-build, is now available. It show the landscape capabilities according the heightmap. This is also enabled on space to avoid building bases at position of asteroids.

We added into this version a dozen of differents tanks to allow landscapes battles. Some are for radar, jam, or aerian/terrestrial attacks. You can discover it and test it during battles.

Of course we are still on Alpha version, so feel free to report bugs and/or request access to the beta group of users by visiting the Link section.

This year release is now over, so the next story board is for 2019, and we still have a ton of features to implements, to allow trade, new interfaces, mission management, stock management, transport of stocks, hydrogen management and dozen of other new features.

I would like to send a special thank to Kevin and Lukaz that did great work on the current release during the past 6 months.




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