New version v0.35.3


We just released a new version that currently is under certification by Microsoft to be available on the Windows Store. This process can take a long time, so we continue to deploy new versions during that time.

Some news around the game that now can be tracked differents Web Site:

Now the release notes since last update on regards of users usage:

  • [Add: change scenes for multiple loading screens
  • [Add: display random loading screens
  • [Add: Audio Source into Setting
  • [Add: Blaster Plasma and Missile according unit module with effect and sound
  • [Add: Add a “S” key that allow to test shoot range of units (shoot all units on range) – no damage at all, only visual effect
  • [M: Texture size set to maximum for standalone, 512×512 for Android
  • [M: Modif proces for registration according Windows Store returns – now register on existing account try to login with provided log/pass
  • [C: Time of move for vehicle was wrong – now including all way points
  • [C: Construction of Jumpgate/HQ no longer possible
  • [C: Disable sound, and tutorial off was removed on setting
  • [C: User List screen (dove offer list) was shown on center
  • [C: Top Icon bar show info according share level with other player
  • [C: Config: Select only items on screen resolution not allready added

For download, please refer to this link

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