New version v0.35.1

A new release candidate version got released on the drive for testers.

This version success to pass the WACK for a deploiement on the Windows Store but require some enhancements before going ahead.

So this release is a major release including:

  • New Graphical chart for Galaxy View, User View, Chat View, almost all view got a new size of font and new icons (somes are remainining and in progress).
  • This version include major correction for the Build System, as until now only few units was possible into a system, now it is corrected and the whole system can be used.
  • This version also include a new visual effect for arms, the first missile is shoot and you can use it for the differents war units ingame.
  • Final but not least, this version allow to build on the imperial system (for the first starting server) and to follow the Tutorial on the main system you start with other (this is disabled on the center of the galaxy)

Link on the drive:

Link for the forum and request access to the version:!forum/prototype_mmorts_users


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