Jumpgates Status – How to exit starting area

Unity Space Conquest include more than 200k space systems that can be close to or at the other side of the galaxy.

The galaxy is defined by a square of ~50 000 parsec including sectors (region) of 100 parsec sides.

To travel of the differents systems you have 3 way of jumping your units to hyperspace.

  • First way is the engine of the unit itself that include a capability of Hyperspace:Yes into the technology.

A value describe the amount of parsecs that the ships can travel, for example 50 parsec for a system to system cargo or 200 parsecs for a war ship.

When you start the game, you are on a safe area of the galaxy including 2 region of 100 parsecs.
You can send your units to all the systems of that safe area with one or 2 jumps with the engine of your units.

To exit the safe area or simply to send your units over the galaxy to a long range (over than the unit engine capability) you need to use the Imperial Jumpgate Network.

  • Second way is the Imperial Jumpgates

Each Imperial system include a Jumpgate that allow you to send your units from/to any imperial system whatever the distance.
The Emperor will just take a tax according the current price of the Deuterium. And the Imperial Jumpgates do not allow war ships, only civils one (cargo, constructors…).
To use it, send your ship to an imperial system, then select it, then on the galaxy view select an other imperial system and clic on “send your selection to that system”.
If you have enough money and that your ships is a civil one, then your ships hyperspace capability will be extanded by the jumpgate to an infinite value (if at least the unit have an hypercapabily engine).

  • Third one is the players Jumpgates

A technology “Hydro” allow the players to extract and refine hydrogen from planets.

That technology also allow to build  players Jumpgates Networks.

A jumpgate require Deuterium to enhance the engine of your units, when you build your own Jumpgate you then have 2 way of work.

First is a simple jumpgate into a simple system. That jumpgate will be an arrival point of your network.

Second is a jumpgate into an headquarter system. That jumpgate will be an arrival and a start point of your nerwork.

A start point require that the Jumpgate got linked to your Headquarter and that enough Tank fullfill with Deuterium got linked to your Headquarter.

Take case that your network can be used by your friend and that an headquarter as a jumpgate is shown to all on the galaxy view.

On Alpha version it is possible to extract Hydrogen from Gazeous planets, but not to refine it to collect Deuterium. So only arrival point should be enabled (as extention of the Imperial Network)

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